These are our sponsors and partners.


The TU/e, educates the students and advance knowledge in science & technology to create engineers that able to make technological innovation for the benefit of humanity. Syfly consists of students from Honors Track High Tech Systems of the TU/e. TU/e always backs up and supplies to projects that will help the social needs. Syfly has vision to create fleet of drones that collects real time aerial data from anywhere in the world whenever you want, so that anyone can collect, and access data on command regardless of location. This vision emraces the TU/e's goal to bridge the gap between technological developments and their implementation in daily life, and benefit humanity.


CSSF is a cooperative that pushes the boundaries for smart sustainable farming. They appreciate stakeholders with creative concepts, technical solutions, outside the box thinking. Depending on the use case they can organize a visit to a relevant frontrunner farming or tech company. Our mission is in correlation with their mission. This year, we are focused on the agriculture sector and we are planning to measure photosynthesis of plants and the heat signature of animals. They help with finding companies that are interested in our project and they arrange company visits. Our first use-case Herenboeren, where we can perform test measurements is found by help from them.

TU/e innovation Space

TU/e innovation Space is a community that develops and facilitates interdisciplinary hands-on challenge-based learning, engineering design, and entrepreneurship. Syfly is a member of Innovation Space, they provide us a workplace, labs, materials as well as new connections and introduce us with researchers, businesses and other stakeholders.