About us

Team Syfly consists of 15 highly-motivated students from over 4 different technical studies at the Eindhoven University of Technology, as a part of the High-Tech Systems honors track. This year, we have transitioned from Team Firefly to Syfly, recruiting new members in the process. Together, we are working to aid farmers using state-of-the-art terrestial surveillance technologies.

Syfly has the vision to one day be able to get any type of real-time aerial data from anywhere in the world whenever you want. Getting the data will be as easy as browsing the internet. Therefore, everyone can collect and access data on command regardless of location.

We are currently in the prototyping and modelmaking phase. This does not just involve the prototyping of the plane, but also of the artifical intelligence algorithms that are necessary. For example, we are working on a model to classify different animals in a thermal image. The prototyping of the actual plane is done at the model flying club in Son en Breugel, where professionals guide us.

After Phase I, we will move on to the first data collections on the farmland of Herenboeren. Here, we will work to identify different animals and measure the photosynthesis rate over the course of a few weeks.