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The three main pillars of Syfly are autonomous systems, positive environmental impact, and real world applications. All projects are drone-related and their resulting products or services aim to have as little human involvement as possible. Furthermore Syfly aims for sustainable, social, and environmental impact with its projects in the aim to make the world a better place.
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Syfly uses modular drones to acquire data to solve a variety of problems. Modularity and connectivity allow the drone to tackle a variety of data challenges. Find out how Syfly can help you...

Tesseract: Data for weather predictions

In order to predict the weather, data needs to be collected and processed continuously, e.g. Humidity, Pressure, Temperature, and Windspeed. Currently, there is barely any data in planetary boundary layer (0 - 2 km in the air). Fixed-wing drones with sensors can be used to fly here and close the data gap.
Better weather predictions can be used for more efficient wind farms, safer airports, etc. Currently Syfly is in last stages of a technical demonstration for KNMI.

Harvesting: Sustainable methods for agriculture

Current agricultural methods are unsustainable. Large-scale monoculture farming depletes the soil, requiring artificial fertilizer to grow food continuously. A possible solution is farming in fruit forests with high biodiversity.
The challenge is that the food that is grown here is difficult to harvest. Drones could be a solution to this since they’re highly dynamic and mobile. Fruits can be picked autonomously using a quadcopter with image recognition. Currently, Syfly is in the feasibility study phase.

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